Amet™ – Full Body Resistance Band Kit



Package contents:
5x Color Coded Resistance Bands*
2x Handles
2x Ankle Straps
1x Door Anchor
1x Carrying bag
1x Instruction manual

Equivalent resistances:


Easy configuration: The handles, anklets and door-handles are optimized for user-friendliness and ease-of-use. With simple set-up instructions, you can begin your workout in a matter of seconds.

Versatile: The resistance bands can be used for a wide range of personal goals – be it physical therapy, working on full-body conditioning or more specific goals such as isolating specific muscle groups and strength training.

Suitable for any Fitness Level: Our intuitive multi-clip adjustment system allows you to personalize the difficulty of your workout by combining the desired bands for a tension appropriate for your fitness level.

Ultra portable: Bring the resistance band kit with you wherever you go using the carry bag, providing fast, fun, full-body-workouts on the go!


Made from high quality natural TPE materials, our double layered bands are constructed to withstand high-volume usage and provide the same resistance after thousands of workouts.

The soft cushion handles are designed for comfort, to protect your hands from calluses and are completely sweat resistant preventing slipping and providing an ergonomic grip.

Our stainless steel carabiners each have a maximum capacity of 264 lb. Rest assured that they can handle the pressure from your most intense workouts!